Coppi Wines, Tre Bicchieri in the Gambero Rosso to “Senatore”

At the CSWA (China) gold medal to ‘Senatore’ and double medals for ‘Don Antonio’. From Turi, Coppi Wines, comes a quality that conquers the palates of the world.

A life dedicated to the vineyards, generously reciprocates. And so, ‘Senator’ DOC Primitivo of Gioia del Colle, 2010 vintage, of Coppi Wines in Turi, received the most coveted of awards today: Three Glasses from ‘Gambero Rosso’. Dedicated to the founder of the Coppi wine dynasty and winemaker Michele Antonio Coppi, ‘Senator’ is one of the noblest expressions of a native vine. This same wine, tasted on the other side of the world, has once again been rewarded: in China the ‘Senator’ was awarded the gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Award (CWSA). Additionally, ‘Don Antonio’ IGT Puglia Primitivo, 2014 vintage, has even worn the double gold medal in China at the CWSA.

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SENATORE, DOC PRIMITIVO FROM GIOIA DEL COLLE – From the alcoholic fermentation on the skins Coppi gets the extraction of all the valuable substances contained in them: from fruity polyphenols all the way up to the tannins. Refinement is unhurried in 50 hl barrels of Slovenian oaks, preferably for a period of about 12 months. All this meticulous care, which begins in the vineyard with the harvest of grapes hand picked into individual crates, which creates the first form of the tasting pleasure. In the glass it is an intense red color with purple hues and evolves over time. The nose is quite intense and persistent, delicate, slightly spicy. The palate is dry, warm, soft, quite tannic and fruity with an alcohol content 13,50%.

DON ANTONIO, I.G.P. PUGLIA PRIMITIVO –A soft Primitivo from Gioia del Colle. This wine is the result of an innovative technique that involves firstly the carbonic maceration for 7-8 days, and secondly, the mallolactic fermentation in barrels of 100 hl Slovenian oak. The maturation then takes place in the same casks for 6 months, followed by at least a year spent to rest in the bottle. The result is immediately amazing, the nose has a richness of fruit with an intense and persistent aroma, fine, distinguished by a vein of spice derived from the oak and the grapes themselves. In the mouth it provides warmth yet it’s largely soft and harmonious.

The medals awarded to the Coppi family have now reached 94 medals over the last 15 years. In the last three months the winning wines were:

  • VANITOSO (D.O.P. Primitivo Di Gioia del Colle), The Best Italian Wine, as awarded by Luca Maroni, 94 punti su 100.
  • SERRALTO (I.G.P. Puglia Malvasia), 2015 vintage. (Malvasia bianca), mention in Decanter World 2016 (United Kingdom).
  • VINACCERO (I.G.P. Puglia Aleatico), 2012 vintage, crowned by the Guide to Good Italian Wines by the Italian Touring Club 2017.
  • DON ANTONIO (I.G.P. Puglia Primitivo) 2014 vintage, double gold medal at the China Wine & Spiritis Award (China).
  • SENATORE (D.O.C. PRIMITIVO DI GIOIA DEL COLLE), 2010 vintage, Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2017 and also a gold medal at the China Wine & Spiritis Award (China).