Cantonovo rosè

Organic Cantonovo Rosé, dedicated to those who love the strength of Primitivo and want to savor its elegance. From the might of black grapes, married to the knowledge of man, a wine suitable for all seasons is born, to be enjoyed throughout the meal. Cantonovo Rosé does not prevail but accompanies, with a refined presence at the table, which tells us about the pleasure of conviviality of a welcoming land like Puglia.


Il prezzo più basso degli ultimi 30 giorni è stato 13,50.




Grape variety: Primitivo 100%
Alcohol Content: 12%
Production Area: contrada Marchione, Turi-Castellana Grotte street (Puglia/Italy)
Soil characteristics: calcareous and clayey on hills
Training system: espalier
Yield per plant: about 1 to 4 kg
Planting year: replanted in 1990 where there was a vineyard since the early 1900s.
Harvest: in the first half of September in company-owned vineyards, grapes are and picked and put in boxes, after a careful selection of the bunches.
Vinification: according to the modern tradition that combines the ancient technique of “raising the cap”, in which fermentation brings the pomace on top, until reaching the union with controlled temperature. The skills in the cellar, from black-berried grapes to a delicate rosé wine, is contained in a handful of hours in which each action requires a wealth of experience.
Annual production: about 15.000 bottles
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Tasting Notes

Color: pale cherry pink
with medium persistence and lively expression of the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the woods of the “Murgia di Bari”, Cantonovo organic rosé wine is a proud expression. From wild roses to rosemary.
on the palate it expresses a very pleasant sapidity and balanced acidity, which fascinates and asks for a new sip. It punctually confirms the Mediterranean notes that it has already generously offered to the nose, with a perfect balance between sight, smell and taste.
Food pairing:
seafood appetizer or savory finger food, sushi, risotto, spaghetti with clams, pasta and peas, grilled fish.
no more than 2 years, provided that it is properly stored

Contains sulphites